Vitality Ballet

Can you do ballet from a chair? Yes! Vitality Ballet is our signature class helping to combine the artistry and athleticism of classical ballet into an adaptive physical and cognitive exercise experience. The class can be done entirely from a seated position allowing adults of all ages, from a chair or wheelchair, to participate in a dance class.

The syllabus is designed to provide a full-body workout, utilizing key muscle groups that are important to ADL (activities of daily living), range of motion, flexibility and balance. Music fills the room and plays a pivotal role in the timing of every combination, perfectly executed to the music, instead of just as background.

We provide this class as group or private lessons. We can visit your community, home, event or community center. This is a one-of-a-kind exercise program that brings joy to the heart and soul because there’s nothing in the world that compares to the joy of dancing.

Class goals:

•posture •flexibility •coordination •strength •balance •range of motion •control

March 9 @ 13:25
13:25 — 14:25 (1h)

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